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Note: During the first half of 2015, while the S&P 500 inched up
only +1.2%, this method has already generated +17.4% for investors.

Dear Zacks Member,

They call them the "Smart Money" and for good reason.

There's Leon Cooperman, founder of the relatively small performance powerhouse, Omega Advisors and an architect of Goldman Sachs.

There's Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates the biggest hedge fund on the planet. His personal net worth is $15.4 billion, and when he sneezes money moves.

Today I am tracking these gentlemen and dozens of lesser-known others who have an unfair advantage over individual investors. They have armies of analysts backed with overwhelming resources to ferret out the few stocks with potential for reliable and exceptional gains.

Then they slowly pour in billions of dollars in purchasing power to help their stocks take flight.

Generally, you can't beat them. But you can join them. Early.

You see, it takes time for the big guys to re-allocate their portfolios and go "all in."

And that's where our opportunity lies.

Yes, the government knows about the institutions' unfair advantage so it requires them to disclose their purchases to the public. The first disclosures are 13D and 13G forms that must be filed within 10 days of any transaction by those who own 5% or more of a company's shares.

High stack of papers and forms

But here's the rub...

It's almost unthinkable for individual investors to plow through all this paperwork which includes a blizzard of forms that appear almost indistinguishable from each other. Few have the time or the will to search through all the administrative filings, amendments, and insignificant "non-events."

At Zacks, we're determined to help individuals get in on the best of these companies early.

So we marshaled our resources to capture, sort, and analyze a vast, ever-changing database of institutional buying activity, leveraging on our experience with comprehensive data building for more than 25 years.

Then we zero in on the best moves.

To give you an example, for quite a while I had been tracking institutional activity on Mobileye, a global leader in a new field (camera-based Advance Driver Assistance Systems).

Then on February 17, 2015 Goldman Sachs filed a 13G form disclosing that they added to their existing IPO holdings of over 25 million shares. On March 4, the stock rose to a Zacks Rank #2 "Buy" as analyst earnings estimates were revised upward. The next day, we pounced on MBLY at 37.00.

By May 12 it had risen to 46.25 and we closed a gain of +25% in less than 10 weeks.

This approach has led us to many other nice gains such as:

  • AMBA - Performance Chart

    +30.0% from Ambarella (AMBA) in 5 weeks.

  • UBNT - Performance Chart

    +35.4% from Ubiquiti (UBNT) in just 4 weeks.

  • AVGO - Performance Chart

    +22.3% from Avago Technologies (AVGO) in 6 weeks. And that was in the wake of another +20% Avago gain closed just a couple months before.

  • RH - Performance Chart

    +21.8% from Restoration Hardware (RH) in 3 weeks.

  • MDVN - Performance Chart

    +70.3% from Medivation (MDVN) in less than 5 months.

Generally, the market doesn't catch on to smart money moves like these until 13F forms are filed, 45 days after each quarter. This can be up to 135 days after the first move was made.

That's when institutions with assets of $100 million dollars or more must file 13Fs to "show their cards," listing all of their holdings.

By that time, their attraction to new stocks is generally old news. And that's when they want others to buy into their stocks.

But I'm not interested in the best time for THEM to profit. I'm looking for the best time for YOU to profit.

That's why we developed our Follow The Money Trader.

Just imagine getting in when the money is just starting to flow into the stocks, not afterward. And then staying for the full profit ride.

As you probably know, the Zacks Rank system alone has racked up average gains of +26% per year since 1988. That performance has been examined and attested by the independent accounting firm of Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP.* Yet, when that system is enhanced with early entry into Smart Money stocks, your money-making potential can be a lot greater than that.

Will every recommendation be a winner? Of course not. But we are willing to back our buys and sells with an absolutely unprecedented arrangement that is the talk of the investment research industry.

First I want you to know how little it costs

Follow The Money Trader is an exclusive service. And its recommendations are shared with a very limited group of investors. The normal subscription cost for Follow the Money is $1495 for a year of private buy, hold, and sell recommendations, e-alerts, and daily commentary. But we are offering Follow the Money in a way that allows you to sample it, and compare it with all of our other services and strategies.

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Our Follow the Money Trader gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the institutions that move the market rather than letting them take advantage of you.

Big funds and plans now account for more than 70% of trading volume. They're the fortune makers. Their purchasing power is the mechanism that makes the Zacks Rank system work.

Now we have the power to distill the best institutional purchases, jump aboard at the right time, and then ride them to their fullest potential.

I look forward to having you aboard as we Follow The Money.

Thank you, and good investing,
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Kevin Cook
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