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Today, you can gain full access to our powerful tools and resources locked behind Zacks Premium, including the Zacks #1 Rank List, Industry Rank and Equity Research Reports, that will help you improve the performance of your portfolio. And now you can unlock it all for 30 days absolutely free.

Here are all of the features you'll enjoy over the next month:

Pick Better Stocks with the Zacks #1 Rank List.

Zacks #1 Rank vs S&P 500

This private list narrows a universe of 4,400 stocks down to 5% with the most potential. Start your stock search with this exclusive roster of "best in class" picks that since 1988, has nearly tripled the S&P 500 with an average gain of more than +25% per year. This amazing performance has been examined and attested by the independent accounting firm of Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP.*

Plus over the next month, you will also see which of your stocks has a Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell) rating. This is especially important when you consider these stocks have performed more than 11 times worse than the S&P 500.

Discover which of your stocks are Sell rated to remove them from your portfolio before they do any serious damage.

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Turn Up the Best Stocks in the Best Industries.

Zacks Industry Rank

The Zacks Industry Rank sorts companies into more than 250 industry groups. We then calculate the average Zacks Rank for all of the stocks in the industry. Those with the highest rank are likely to outperform in the future.

In fact, over the last 10 years, the stocks in the top half of industries beat the bottom half by a factor of more than 2 to 1.

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Learn the "Why" Behind Our Ratings with Equity Research Reports.

Zacks Equity Report

Each report provides in-depth analysis and key metrics for the stock in question. More importantly, it supplies you with clear and complete reasons why a stock should be bought, held or sold.

These popular reports are available for $25 each but when you start a free trial to Zacks Premium, you can view unlimited reports that cover more than 1,000 of the most widely followed stocks.

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Find Your Own Winning Stocks with the Zacks Premium Screener.

Zacks Premium Screener

Pick and choose from more than 45 predefined screens strategically created by Zacks to beat the market.

Select screens that show you the best Zacks Ranked stocks to match your personal interests and trading style. Browse by market cap, Broker rating Upgrades, Management Efficiency, Top Price Performance and more. Or browse our bear market strategies for stocks most likely to go down. And to help you create your own profitable screens, use Zacks' Quant Monitor which shows a historical analysis of the S&P 500 returns based upon top fundamental factors that influence stock performance.

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Add Top Stocks from this Award-Winning* Portfolio.

PortfolioAnnualized Performance*
Zacks' Focus List13.12%
S&P 5008.02%
Average Annualized Return February 1, 1996-June 2016
S&P 500 is owned and published by McGraw-Hill

Build your portfolio with Zacks' Focus List which since its inception on February 1, 1996 has outperformed the market with an average annualized gain of +13.12% compared to the S&P 500's +8.02%.

The Focus List is a portfolio of 50 stocks that are set to outperform the market over the next 12 months. Director of Research Sheraz Mian uses the best-in-class earnings momentum to select each stock which is accompanied by a comprehensive Equity Research Report that details the reasons behind each pick and why it's good for the long term.

Plus each Monday evening, Sheraz will share timely insight on overall market direction, sector allocation and why he is adding or deleting specific stocks from the award-winning portfolio in his Weekly Market Analysis email.

*Recently the Zacks' Focus List has achieved the distinction of making the Hulbert 2016 Honor Roll of top-performing portfolios.

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